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Our Services

Our comprehensive property management services can be packaged to best fit your needs. Whether it’s a full management package, or just a few unbundled services to help ease the strain of rental property ownership, we’ve got you covered.

Tenant Screening

Our comprehensive tenant screening process helps identify qualified prospective tenants through minimum requirements of key factors such as annual income, rental and employment history and criminal background check.We ensure full compliance with state Fair Housing laws that protect both renter and landlord.

Application Processing

Our application process helps ensure that we collect the necessary information to provide a full picture of the qualification of the renter. Our application is designed to benefit both landlord and tenant. Each prospective tenant is unique, the better understanding we have about each applicant’s background and what they’re looking for the better we can work with them to find a property that suits them best. As the landlord you benefit by finding a qualified tenant that is most likely to have a successful renting relationship with you.

Vacant Property Marketing

The longer your rental home remains vacant the longer you are financially responsible for making mortgage payments and utility payments out of pocket. The sooner you start advertising your property the better.We offer a broad reach of online marketing solutions designed to get the phone ringing quickly for the best chance of filling a vacancy quickly. Our vacant property advertising includes advertisements on our website, social media outlets, and a number of highly trafficked rental websites.

Property Showings

Getting the word out about your vacant property is only the beginning of the rental process. Interested prospective renters want to see the home in person, and they often want to do so on their own schedule at a time that works best for them.Showing your vacant home to every interested person can be time consuming an inconvenient to landlords. Our leasing agents will save you time and accommodate property showings to prospective renters while they are at their peak level of interest.

Lease Renewals

The longer a tenant stays, the better for you. The worry and uncertainty of having a vacant property is immediately relieved. Property Management Experts are proactive in contacting tenants to get the lease renewal process started before the lease expires.

Move In/Move Out Inspections

Move in and move out walk throughs and inspections are another service we offer focused on protecting both the renter and the property owner. Property Management Experts keeps a photographic archive of the condition of your home before and after a tenant leases your property to help safeguard the value of your property.

Independent Contractor Management

Situations can arise at any time. Property Management Experts provide tenants an emergency maintenance number for those occasions. When needed, getting a contractor to the home quickly can help minimize damage and reduce repair costs.We maintain relationships with a number of local contacts we can contact for a quick response.

Additional Services

Rent Collection


Court/Eviction Process